Lpur Hero mattress

Lpur Hero’s magic lies in a sequence of layers that is far from a coincidence. It perfectly adjust to the body, provides thermoregulation and eliminates the feeling of discomfort, no matter what position you sleep in. 

We have also created a very functional cover for it, consisting of two parts connected with an elegant golden zipper so you can easily unzip it and wash it.

Beautiful on the outside and brilliant on the inside, Hero will change your bedroom and the quality of your rest forever.



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Lpur Wave

The first thing we feel after lying on the Hero are the properties of its first layer - Lpur Wave, a very pleasant softness that gives you the impression of complete relaxation, which directly translates into how quickly you can be falling asleep.
Lie down and feel pleasantly relaxed, as if you are drifting on the surface of the water. It is a wrap-around feeling with strong edge support and greater resilience than a thermoelastic foam.
* Lpur Wave does not contain water, nor is it a gel insert. The feeling that reminds you of drifting on the water is an independent opinion of our testers.


Lpur React

Our second layer of Lpur React reminds us of moss, especially Leucobryum glaucum type, popular in our forests. That type of moss is compacted into pillow-shaped turf. Walking on it barefoot, you can see how the pillows are deforming under the weight of your body only to return to their original form couple seconds later.
This is also how our Lpur React, the second layer of Hero, behaves. It is a thermoelastic material with increased cellular density, optimal air permeability and the best durability among the available thermoelastic materials.


Lpur Prime

Our core base is the result of many years of hard work on the viability and breathability of a material that will not be quickly deformed.

Unprecedented air permeability, subjected to many tests, guarantees the inhibition of overheating during sleep. Together with the cooling cover it creates a perfect duo in terms of thermoregulation. It also supports the proper functioning of the other layers.
It was the unbeatable durability of Lpur Prime that has convinced us that Lpur Hero is a mattress that will not let you down in a long run.


Lpur cover

The upper part is a perfectly breathable fabric made of hypoallergenic material with cooling properties. You can wash this part of the cover at 60 degrees.
The lower part of the cover is also a breathable and flexible fabric made in the FibreGuard Pro technology. FibreGuard Pro antibacterial fabrics are a very effective barrier to moisture and odor. Despite the advanced technology, the velvet fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch. You can wash this part of the cover at 30 degrees.


Our promise

We want to give you a sense of security. From secure payments, a 10-year warranty on components, to a long test period for our flagship product.
You can be sure that we remember about your health, therefore we minimize the negative impact on the environment from the production process to the selection of materials in all our products. We only use water-based, non-toxic adhesives. Our materials and fabrics have quality and safety certificates, which you can see in the bar at the bottom of the page.
We want to inspire you! We love art and beautiful interiors! We have created Lpur Hero so that it is itself a very aesthetic element of your bedroom decor. We work with young Polish artists whose vision of modern luxury we will present in our social media! You will also meet Maja there, who created this beautiful, sleepy collage for us :)

3 cm of LPUR WAVE Hypersoft Polymer in proprietary technology

6 cm of LPUR REACT Termoelastic Polymer in proprietary technology

11 cm of LPUR PRIME Super Air Flow in proprietary technology

Lpur Wave


3 cm of LPUR WAVE Hypersoft Polymer
in proprietary technology


6 cm of LPUR REACT Termoelastic Polymer
in proprietary technology

Lpur Prime

11 cm of LPUR PRIME Super Air Flow
in proprietary technology


40% Thermolite, 60% Pes.
100% Polyester in FiberGuard Pro technology