How did our fantasies of a perfect dream translate into the mattress?

For years, sleep has been a subject of a scientific research, yet we still don’t know that much about it. However, there is no longer any doubt about one thing. It is a key component of our health and well-being.

The comfort of sleep and rest has been at the heart of our professional activity for 20 years. During this time, we have built the reputation of the European leader in the production of mattress components. Quality has always been our distinguishing feature, which is why we have been supplying the best for many years.

Our team of scientists and engineers followed the dynamically changing needs of the global market. We created innovative solutions to stay ahead of them. We have developed innovative methods to test our products for durability, breathability, performance and production techniques that are increasingly environmentally friendly.

Today we promise you that with Lpur, sleep comfort will take on a new meaning. With us, nothing is a coincidence. Certainly not the order of the layers of our mattress.

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